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It’s frustrating when you have so much to do, but your time is sucked away in an endless vacuum of activities.

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Discover My Productivity Secrets With A Proven Time Saving System

BB_Warm_TallWhen I first started my business over 35 years ago, I would spend hours on client projects and once they were completed, I’d have to scramble to get new business.

Over time, I discovered a system to make my day more productive that saved me a lot of time. The key is to split my time into different categories.

After using this system for myself and teaching a lot of my students how to use it, I’ve saved over 5 hours consistently each week and earn more money... It’s easy.

I walk you through how to set up your day step-by-step in my training videos to ensure this system works for you to simplify what you are doing and earn more money.

How does The Productivity Bundle Help You?
Some of the time-hacks you’ll gain in this training help you to:
  • Discover how to organize your daily activities into three main categories: Money Making Activities (MMA), Business Making Activities (BMA), and Customer Maintenance Activities (CMA) to save more time and make more money
  • Get an easy-to-use, repeatable system of worksheets and checklists for you to wash, rinse, and repeat daily
  • Learn with simple, straightforward video training to set up your day-to-day activities and weekly tasks to FINALLY master your time
  • Organize your daily tasks to get the urgent things done first AND still have time to make more profit in your business
  • Gain a time-tested system others have paid $1000s for and use the same way that I do. Get more done in less time!
  • Save up to 5 hours a week and have more time for family, friends, yourself, or whatever you love to do
  • Finally stop time leaks that rob you of your productivity and profit. I walk you through this simple system step-by-step to get organized
  • Eliminate the “what do I do first?” and “what do I do now?” syndromes. Set up your day-to-day tasks using the checklists and worksheets without worry about how to get what’s most important done first
  • Use the easy peasy follow-up strategy that prevents you from leaving money on the table (this one tip can earn you hundreds)
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A $197 Value - TODAY ONLY $97
What's Included In The Productivity Bundle
You receive my 8 worksheets and checklists as part of this repeatable system and you also receive me in the form of 10 training videos where I walk you step-by-step through how to set up your day.

Once you learn this simple system, all you have to do is wash, rinse, and repeat.

You’ll have access to the training videos, checklists, and worksheets forever!

After using this system for myself and teaching a lot of my students how to use it, I’ve saved over 5 hours consistently each week and earn more money.
The Bundle
What Happy Clients of The Productivity Bundle Are Saying
Robin Carter
Content Marketing Specialist

"I love systems. Writing a to-do list the night before alone did not work as well as I needed it to, so I kept searching. In my quest for a system for productive work days, I tried blocking time in my calendar. That helped a lot, but I needed more.

Then Brian Basilico crossed my path with The Productivity Bundle which helped me manage tasks (not just time). It taught me to break down my workday into Money Making Activities, Business Making Activities and Client Maintenance Activities.

As soon as I started using this system, I was instantly amazed how much more I was able to accomplish daily, (and now I feel pretty amazing, too!). You see, time is money. When I use to this Productivity system, I am better prepared to accomplish more for myself and my clients.

Does this system work? Does increasing my income over 3 times per month count? I say a very hearty, YES! "
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The Productivity Bundle Core Training
MMA (Money Making Activities)
Discover how to focus on activities that make you more money!
BMA (Business Making Activities)
Focus on tasks that help you actively attract new customers!
CMA (Customer Maintenance Activities)
Stop the "Time Sucks" that eat away at daily productivity!
The 5 Things I HAVE To Do Today
The Secret Sauce is prioritization, organization, & delegation!
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Bonus Internet Marketing Self-Assessment Checklist
Take this assessment to learn what’s keeping your website from being more visible to your potential clients and receive a bonus consultation.
Social Media Demystified Bonus Ebook
Discover how to create a connection with your ideal clients on social media, establish relationships online, and reach them with your message. Finally create goals that drive traffic, measure your results, and work the system again and again.
Profitable Marketing Ebook
Create a repeatable profit marketing system that establishes relationships with like, know, and trust content and reach your ideal clients with your products and services.
TRAINING: Make the Most of Video In Your Marketing
Learn how to use your cell phone to brand yourself and your business to reach clients. Discover the right tools for your business and receive a laser focused session.
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What Do I Get?
You get access to multiple, downloadable, and printable checklists and worksheet PDFs, and training videos that teach you the principles and tactics of The Productivity Bundle. It's simple and easy to access and use!

How Do I Access It?
Upon purchase, you will receive an email that will let you access a membership website. You create an account and log-in each time you want to access the downloads or watch the videos.

How Long Do I Have To Use It?
You have lifetime access (as long as the internet is around). You can download the PDFs, but not the videos. You can log in to access the video training any time!

What If I Am Not Satisfied?
Easy! Just submit a ticket if you are stuck, and we will do our best to solve your issue in 24 hours or less. We have discovered the most powerful way for you to succeed with this system is our no refunds policy to ensure your 100% commitment to saving more time and making more money.
A $197 Value - TODAY ONLY $97
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